Random Adventure ft. Zhen, Chris, Ilya, Jenny and Sharen (15 Jan 2015)

I wanted to write up a few posts last night based on the overwhelming support I received from my first post for the year about my one and only resolution for 2015 and beyond, but I got pretty wasted instead. I’m a pretty random person so just before I finished work, I asked my good friend Zhen what he was doing, and from there it became a group of 6 new-ish friends drinking sake and talking a lot of shit at Zhen’s regular spot, Sharak. They have this small lift in the back of the narrow restaurant which trips me out, but they get so busy that the three floors are usually bustling when we’re there.

There were a lot of good calls by Zhen, which are hard to explain via writing; thus our new inside jokes. For my own memories’ sake, there were gold ones that only those who were there would know, like:

  • “You know what rhymes with Anna Kim…?”
  • “Oh Kat I didn’t know you were from New Zealand”

It was brilliant. If the others can remind me, then I’ll add to this list. Anyways. These are the only photos I got…

Chris is like… sup. Ilya’s like… fuck off

Chris is like... sup. Ilya's like... fuck off

Chris and Jenny are like… hmmmm what to do

Chris, Jenny and Ilya are like... hmmmm what to do

Duh… drink. Then “cheers…” until…

Cheers... until...

Ilya: “Fuck off Jenny, that’s mine”


Ilya: “Yeah that’s right. Fkn peace.”

Fkn peace

Then we tried to convince the waiter to secretly drink with us, then leave work early to get wasted at Sanctuary Hotel. No go. He’s too honest. And Chris is such a poser.

Trying to convince the waiter to drink with us.

That’s about all the photos I took.

Anyways, next day was basically dealing with the hangover. On the bus to work, I bumped into Will, another good friend and moreso of Zhen’s who said he didn’t come out drinking last night because he was out the night before with Zhen and had to spend last night recovering. Ha! Then I recounted the night for him.

Then throughout the day, this is how I dealt:

Ugh… Steak and mushroom pie and a dirty soy chai#hangovercures

Brother & sister hangover catch up over #laksa. We’re the best and the worst. @mikhailzenon#hangovercures

The Hangover Part 3…chips and gravy with Ponsford#hangovercures #fatty #outtacontrol #cheatday

The Hangover Part 4: creme brulee #dessert

So part 5 would’ve been K-EFFING-C… but I stayed home packing for Boracay instead of getting wasted with Zhen again.

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The Only Resolution That Counts For My 2015 and Beyond

trina hip hop legend

So after a lot of reflection in private, I decided on a few things:

1. I would quietly start sharing my reflections again, because some people might actually learn something from it, and that makes me happy

2. The only resolve I have for my ongoing self-imposed struggles and limiting beliefs is that to make some serious change, I have to become obsessed with being consistent.

That’s it really. After 1 year of introspection and limited social activities, 2014 was a fucked up time where foundations were shaken for a lot of people’s lives; those who I’ve spoken to have sighed over the shitty year that was, and the hope that 2015 will bring better times.

But the danger in looking ahead too often is that it breeds anxiety of the future and doubt from past experiences. The only thing we need to focus on is what’s happening now. Because that’s the only thing we can control. There’s no point in surmising over what we cannot do anything about anymore, or yet.

Now the first point above with the sharing of reflections through this blog stems from point 2. The ‘Consistency Principle of Persuasion‘ by Professor Robert Cialdini of Arizona State University, “states that people live up to what they have publicly said they will do and what they have written down. So Cialdini encourages us to have others write down their commitments as a route to having others live up to their promises.”

If we are consistent with our vision, our core values and beliefs, our goals, then take action on a regular basis i.e. form a habit, then we can basically get up each day and know what we’re doing with our lives.

So what habits am I going to form or keep?

1. Exercise & Stretch

My goal is to get 10 x muscle ups, 10 x handstand push ups and 10x pistol squats

2. Meditation

My goal is to remove anxiety and reduce unnecessary stress from my life. Some stress is good.

3. Writing

I write for me daily, but I’ll write for others more than I have been. I love story telling and inspiring others through my writing.

4. Singing & Dancing

Another form of therapy. Just need to find the best way to share this therapy with others on a bigger scale.


It’s really simple when you think about it. Do it, or don’t.

And like in Will Smith’s inspiring story, just lay one brick at a time, as perfectly as you can.

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Someone once told me the definition of Hell…

Someone once told me the definition of Hell: The last day you have on earth, the person you became… will meet the person you could have become.

Someone once told me the definition of Hell: The last day you have on earth, the person you became… will meet the person you could have become.

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[Picture] Come on inner peace…

This made me laugh. I feel like this sometimes, trying to wind down or calm down after someone’s pissed me off. Just look at this and remember it when you get to one of those moments.

Come on inner peace, I haven't got all day

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Cute Mongolian girl laughs with her camel


I feel like this majority of the time… like a happy little girl with a pet camel who is equally as happy as I am. On days that I don’t feel like this, I look at photos like this and remember that life ain’t so bad. I just wanna pinch her little rosy cheeks!

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[Video] Arthur’s Inspirational Transformation

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[Video] The Amazing Spider-Man Parkour

Freerunning looks super cool in a Spiderman outfit. Featuring Parkour Athlete Ronnie Shalvis. Also check out the behind the scenes footage.

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